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How to imbibe the digital culture in your Startup

How to imbibe the digital culture in your Startup

Going Digital should be the new goal of any wise and forward thinking society, business or firm. Digital is increasingly becoming the nitty-gritty of everything we know to do, it is how we communicate, how we consume information, how we shop, how we entertain ourselves. Digital has crept into virtually every industry and opened up opportunities across sectors whether its top surgeons video linking into operating theaters from across the world or mobile advertisements allowing you to keep tabs on the real time price tags on your favorite online fashion store.


Retain and foster talent:

Allow for creativity, talent discovery. Usually the development does not only lie with entry level talent, but that existing talent must be engaged to prevent being lost to the competition. This means that you should encourage your staff to experiment and find out better and new way of doing things. Instead of trying to get new persons to implement new technologies, work with the talent you already have. This is essential for innovation – and skills are kept alive and fresh when disruptive technologies are embraced and new tools and different ways of working are tried out.

Loosen the reins:

By empowering staff with opportunities for self-directed learning this increases the technical abilities of your team. This also helps to build a great a culture in your organization. Grant access to learning tools that will give the power to your team to learn exactly what they want. This will bring new skills to the team that you didn’t even know were needed.

Build your Team:

Identifying the skills gaps and training needed within your team will come through delivering a healthier learning culture.

Keep a radar on Emerging Technologies:

A key step in creating this culture can be to encourage the understanding of emerging technologies relevant to your business.

Imbibe Social into your Business:

The truth is gone are the days where organization put a ban on social media on company computers. A digital startup is one that knows that the customers are on social media. Then they develop a social media community around their products.

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