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Fempower Africa is a community of young African women who are passionate
about self-development, technology, entrepreneurship and leadership.
Fempower Initiative Africa is a social innovation that makes use of the
crowd funding principle. We are a closed loop. Are parts of F I A receives
from F I A and gives to F I A. Every member of F I A invests into F I A.

F I A gives training, knowledge and network.

F I A gets products, services and initiatives produced by the collaborative
efforts of the community members which are used to fund and grow the

Each member of part of F I A and is responsible for F I A growth.

At F I A, we organize training, learning opportunities then we build a
community around that learning opportunity. We collaborate to create a
product that is trademarked as F I A product which is monetized as a source
of financial capital for F I A’s activities.

F I A also allows for members to become investors in F I A. As a F I A
investor, you get to have access to F I A mentorship program, accelerator
programs and one-on-one F I A mentorships. Plus, you get the title and
recognition as an F I A investor. This comes with privileged sitting
positions, opportunity to facilitate our events, give key notes at our
events at our events.

At F I A, we invest in you becoming empowered with the latest Skill,
opportunity. Then we work together to with you to grow the community. All
our trainings and events are not paid for. Attendees benefit and give back
to F I A through the crowd funding principle. F I A helps you Become and F
I A Grows.